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Compassion & Choices legal experts concluded after extensive analysis that Hawaii law does not prohibit doctors from providing aid in dying

After announcing this in 2011, a prosecutor vowed to go after any doctor who helps a patient choose this option. To spread the word to patients and the medical community, Compassion & Choices formed the local Physician Advisory Council for Aid in Dying (PACAID). These doctors stand ready to support patients’ end-of-life choices and need you to stand with them. Compassion & Choices Hawaii is working to uphold this constellation of laws and protect aid in dying in the state. PACAID is willing to practice aid in dying and speak out for patient choice.

Members of our Hawaii Executive Council, composed of highly respected caregivers, community leaders and legal experts, are serving as educators and spokespeople for patient choice. Hawaii, like many states, has passed a version of the Uniform Healthcare Decisions Act, which allows patients to specify if and when they wish to refuse or withdraw life-sustaining medical care. Additionally, in 2004 Hawaii enacted the Pain Patient’s Bill of Rights, and in doing so recognized that inadequate treatment of pain is a significant health problem.


Hawaii Advance Directive

If your end-of-life plans aren’t in place yet, follow the link below to find the most recent forms and resources for end-of-life planning.

First Hawaii Annual Report

PACAID annual report on aid in dying in Hawaii

Download report here.

Why Do Doctors Support Aid in Dying?

Doctors are asked what makes them support the movement and how they came to this position.

End‐of‐life Law and Policy in Hawaii Aid in Dying

Our own Kathryn Tucker delves deeply into end-of-life law in Hawaii.

Support for Aid in Dying in Hawaii Is Strong

Hawaii voters favor Aid in dying by a wide margin, and for many reasons.

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