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Compassion & Choices Board Member Wins AMA Excellence in Medicine Awardby admin


Dr. David Muller, a Compassion & Choices board member, recently won an American Medical Association (AMA) Excellence in Medicine Award – Pride in Profession.

The AMA chose Dr. Muller for the award because he has “exemplified the highest value of altruism, compassion, leadership and dedication to patient care.”

Barbara Coombs Lee, president of Compassion & Choices, said, “Dr. Muller is pioneering the re-emergence of patient-centered care. Before the art of medicine lost its bearings in a sea of technology, doctors used to visit frail and elderly patients in their own homes. Patients felt well cared for. Doctors felt comfortable with healing that transcended cure. Our health care system needs more of Dr. Muller’s brand of home-based, compassionate care.”

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