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What’s Wrong With the Finance Bill?
An Interview With Sen. Jay Rockefeller, The Washington Post, September 18, 2009

 “To be fair, it’s not all cost control. To give you an example, everyone is afraid of discussing end-of-life because they think you’ll kill granny. It’s nonsense. We train geriatrics in our medical schools. After a few years of practicing geriatrics, however, they go into other specialties that make more money. You could raise how you reimburse geriatricians so they stay in geriatrics. And since end-of-life care is so expensive, it would be good to have more doctors working on that. It’s not all about cutting. Some of it will be about increasing.”
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Last Rights
Shouldn’t we be able to end our lives however and whenever we want?

by Gary Cartwright, Texas Monthly, October 2009
One night recently, during a dinner table conversation, an attractive, cultured, well-educated friend in her late sixties declared with surprising finality, “If I had stage-four pancreatic cancer, I’d put a revolver in my mouth and go night-night.” She was reacting to a newspaper article we had all read about a 66-year-old woman in Sequim, Washington, who, in the final stages of a terminal illness, chose to die by way of doctorassisted suicide, now legal thanks to the passage of a new state law. We all agreed that the Death With Dignity Act sounded better than a revolver in the mouth. The law passed last November with 58 percent of the vote, making Washington the second state, after Oregon, to legalize assisted suicide, which is a crime elsewhere in the United States and many parts of the world.

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By Gary Trudeau

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