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Missoulian: Montana Legislature: Hinkle wants place at deathbedby Sonja


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In case you missed it…

Sunday, January 9, 2011
Republican, Constitutionalist, Libertarian, tea party patriot Sen. Greg Hinkle is off
to Helena with his basket of corrections and additions to Montana law and
government. Most are amusing and harmless; all are sadly lacking in research or

Really? Spearhunting? Tax breaks for ammunition manufacturers so the anti-
Obama crowd can hoard more bullets and drive up the price for us sportsmen?
Criminals keeping their guns, except the one they committed their crimes with?
This is funny stuff, aiming to please a small percentage of his constituents.

Sadly, Hinkle’s same lack of research and compassion has led him to introduce
legislation against aid in dying. He fears that families will commit elder abuse, I
presume to get the patient’s money. Those are odd family values, and it’s even
sadder that Hinkle fears families as much as he fears his government.

It is disingenuous to present himself as a small government conservative politician
while trying to insert government into the most private affairs of citizens.

I have cancer and my doctors and I are working really hard to keep me alive.
Odds are, though, that I will eventually lose that battle. I resent Hinkle’s effort at
reserving a seat at my deathbed for the government! It is not him, or his vision of
government, I want to be concerned with when my life is ending.

I am sure most right-thinking people agree there are some things best left to we the
people and our loved ones.
R. Wade Nelson, Thompson Falls

For more information please visit www.compassionandchoices.org/montana