End-of-Life Choice, Palliative Care and Counseling

Video: Press Conference-Peace At Life’s End. Anywhere.by Sonja


We’re excited to present the press conference video from our national campaign to publicize legal options for peaceful dying. “Peace at Life’s End. Anywhere.” aims to inform the public, the media and healthcare providers—especially assisted-living facilities—of end-of-life choices available in every state. The campaign was prompted by the eviction of an elderly New Mexico couple from their assisted-living facility for exercising their right to stop eating and drinking. Their son, Neil Rudolph, of Alamosa, Colorado, will co-chair the campaign. He kicked off a national speaking tour on in Pueblo and Colorado Springs to highlight Armond & Dorothy Rudolph people’s legal options for achieving peace at life’s end, wherever they live.Peace at Life’s End. Anywhere.

No one should suffer when legal options exist. Options for peaceful dying already exist in every state.