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Compassion & Choices Applauds Montana Committee’s Rejection of “Physician Imprisonment Act”by Chris


by Compassion & Choices Staff
April 3, 2013

HB505 Fails to Clear Senate Judiciary Committee on Tie Vote

(Helena, MT) – HB505, an extreme bill that would degenerate Montana’s currently legal practice of aid in dying into a felony, failed to clear the Senate Judiciary Committee this morning. The bill was tabled on a tie vote, 6-6. The following statement can be attributed to Emily Bentley, Campaign Manager, Compassion & Choices Montana.

“This bill is a gross intrusion into the physician-patient relationship: it would stifle discussions of end-of-life options and prohibit physicians from providing aid in dying to terminally ill patients who request it. HB 505 would deny suffering, terminally ill Montanans the freedom to choose aid in dying because it would imprison doctors who support their patients’ decisions to end their suffering. Montanans overwhelmingly support aid in dying. This should be the end of the Physician Imprisonment Act.”