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Healthcare Decisions Procrastinators Dayby Sonja


Did you miss it?

Tuesday was National Healthcare Decisions Day—a day to think about and put into words the kind of treatment you want at life’s end, and to share your choices with the people who need to know them.

The tragedy at the Boston Marathon diverted most of our attention that day, and our thoughts are with the city and its people.

Sadly, the event underscores two things about the healthcare planning process. 1) So many things can happen to cause us to delay putting our wishes in writing, and 2) We can never be sure when those wishes may suddenly be relevant in a medical crisis.

But guess what? Today is National Healthcare Procrastinators Day. A do-over for everyone who had the best intentions on Tuesday, but find their wishes still unexpressed on Thursday.

Don’t put off this essential task—and responsibility—any longer. With a few clicks and a little typing or handwriting, you can give yourself and your loved ones the blessing of making your wishes clear and known.

Everything you need is just a click away on Compassion & Choices’ website:

  • Click here for other useful tools to help you consider and choose the care you want—or don’t—should you ever be unable to speak for yourself in an emergency.

Okay, “National Healthcare Procrastinators Day” is a figment of my imagination. But the urgency of putting your wishes in writing is all-too-real. Don’t put off till tomorrow what you can easily do today. Give your wishes the formality they need to come true.

Mickey MacIntyre
Chief Program Officer