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Compassion & Choices Commends Life and Work of Aid-in-Dying Advocate, Former State Rep Ernest “Juggie” Heenby Chris


HONOLULU (July 2, 2013)—Compassion & Choices mourns the passing and lauds the work of former Hawaii state representative Ernest “Juggie” Heen, who died June 30 in Honolulu at age 82 after a long bout with cancer.

Juggie was a tireless advocate for end-of-life choice in the 50th state. He was instrumental in helping to launch the Compassion & Choices “Join Juggie” campaign to activate Hawaii’s constellation of laws that empower terminally ill, mentally competent patients to make their own decisions about end-of-life care, treatment for pain and aid in dying. Thanks to his efforts, he had a choice at the end of life—as do the thousands of Hawaii residents who have attended Compassion & Choices meetings and trainings, considered requests for aid in dying, or simply become more aware of their options for a peaceful death.

“Juggie’s vision and commitment lives on as part of our landmark strategy to expand end-of-life liberty within the scope of existing law whenever possible,” said Mary Steiner, Hawaii campaign manager for Compassion & Choices. “His leadership continues to inspire us as we strive to protect the rights of individual patients and their doctors to make their own end of life decisions, including aid-in-dying if they so choose, free from government interference or persecution.”

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