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NPU-Miguel-inside-1x1v1In 2016, Miguel Carrasquillo died in Puerto Rico from an aggressive brain tumor. His voice lives on through Compassion & Choices’ educational outreach to Hispanics, Latinos, medical professionals and healthcare organizations.

Medical aid in dying has been catching the attention of Latinos nationwide because of the advocacy of Miguel Carrasquillo, a native Puerto Rican who recorded a powerful video before passing away at the young age of 35. Ever since, Compassion & Choices has been hard at work delivering his message.

Just two weeks after CNN en Español aired a compelling story that credited Compassion & Choices for advancing the medical aid-in-dying movement in the United States, LifeWay Research published a survey showing that 69 percent of Hispanics nationwide support medical aid in dying.

Compassion & Choices launched a statewide bilingual campaign in Colorado this past December to educate terminally ill Coloradans, families and medical providers about the benefits and requirements of the state’s new medical aid-in-dying law. This access campaign mirrors the one we are running in California.

Everyone, including non-English speakers, should have access to information about medical aid in dying and the laws in their state.