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Big News for California

An email sent to supporters about the California End of Life Option Act implementation date:


We officially have a date for when California’s End of Life Option Act goes into effect! Starting June 9 of this year, the people of California will be able to choose medical aid in dying.

Or, in a perfect world that would be the case. In reality, we have a lot of work ahead to educate the public and healthcare providers to ensure that citizens of our most populous state have meaningful access to this new law.

We need your help to ensure that people can use this law. Support our work in California with a donation today.

Now it may seem like the fight in California is over: The law passed, the implementation date is set and more people will be able to achieve a death in line with their values starting this summer.

But that is rarely the case with new laws, especially aid-in-dying laws. Oregon’s law passed more than 20 years ago, and we still fight every day to create meaningful access for those citizens. Opponents keep spreading misinformation and discouraging doctors from participating, and hospital systems continue to tie the hands of physicians trying to honor their patients’ wishes for a peaceful death.

So without your continued support, people like Brittany Maynard, Jennifer Glass and Christy O’Donnell will continue to be denied access to medical aid in dying in their home state.

We’ve come too far to fail them now. Please help us prepare for California’s implementation with a donation today:


Thank you,


Toni Broaddus
California Campaign Director
Compassion & Choices