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“Brittany Gave Her Husband a Gift,” Writes California Widower

By Katie Wingo

“… [John] La Grange, 66, of Solana Beach, California, was listening to the radio in his car several weeks ago and the topic of Brittany Maynard was brought up on a call-in show, it stopped him in his tracks.”

That is an excerpt of People.com’s write -up on longtime Compassion & Choices member and retired commercial fisherman, John La Grange.

John had to witness his wife’s agonizing demise at the end of her life like many Americans living in states that don’t authorize aid in dying.

“The radio discussion of Maynard immediately caught my attention … This [death with dignity] is an option I wish my wife would have had.”

John is brutally honest speaking with People — from the depth of his and his wife’s suffering to the fact that he believes she’d have chosen to utilize death with dignity had it been an option for her in California.

“’I went through a very long process with my wife’s cancer and no one told us how bad it would truly be at the end,’ La Grange tells People’If she had had the chance to end her life so that she wouldn’t be in so much pain at the very end, she would have taken it.’”

John’s outreach caught the attention of Brittany Maynard’s mother, Debbie Ziegler, and prompted her to reach out to Compassion & Choices Media Relations Manager Sean Crowley, who noted, “Brittany Maynard’s story has inspired more and more people like John La Grange to go public with their stories about the needlessly painful death of their loved ones.”

John remarks on how fortunate Dan Diaz, Brittany Maynard’s husband, is “to have been spared the additional suffering a prolonged period of dying would have caused.”

“I don’t want to remember it but it’s there in my mind. When I dream about her, she is always sick. But then I wake up and remember all of the love and amazing times we shared together.”

Read the full People.com article here.