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California doctor Robert Olvera wants to give others the option his daughter was denied

Dr. Robert Olvera, who lost his daughter Emily Rose to leukemia in April of this year, wrote this touching op-ed stating his support for a death-with-dignity law in California. His experience with his daughters illness brought him to the realization that every terminally ill individual must have access to a gentle death on his or her terms and now he’s speaking out to make this a reality.

An excerpt from his piece in the Orange County register is below. Follow the link to read the full text.

Emily Rose died in our home in Santa Ana, with hospice care after a 17-year struggle with leukemia.

But not in a way she wanted.

My 25-year-old daughter should have had the option to request a prescription for life-ending medication to prevent the four-month agony that ended on April 26, 2014.

Why do terminally ill Californians like Emily Rose have to suffer needlessly from relentless pain at the end of life? Why do patients have to endure medical interventions that often produce more pain than relief? MORE…