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/ June 29, 2018

“I was raised to live life to the fullest”

My name is Isaiah Wilson and I testified before the D.C. city council in 2015 in support of the Death with Dignity Act. As a proud Black gay man who happens to also work professionally as an advocate for the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer (LGBTQ) community, with a special focus on the LGBTQ […]

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/ June 26, 2018

New Report Shows Implementation of California End of Life Option Act Improving

The 2017 data from the California Department of Public Health about the End of Life Option Act clearly demonstrates Compassion & Choices’ increasing success in educating both healthcare providers and the public about the law since the department’s 2016 report. Terminally ill Californians utilized the law about twice as much in 2017 as they did […]

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Actor Mauricio Ochmann Visits a Terminally Ill Californian

In 2014, actor Mauricio Ochmann became the first Hollywood celebrity to publicly endorse Compassion & Choices’ campaign to pass medical aid-in-dying legislation in California, at a time when many Latinos were reluctant to discuss end-of-life care issues. He was joined by civil rights activist Dolores Huerta and civil rights activist, actor and director Edward James […]

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/ June 22, 2018

Pride 2018: “The AIDS crisis is how medical aid in dying first appeared on my radar.”

It was early 1980; our friend Michael had just died of a mysterious disease in NYC. Next, Danny died, again of a mysterious disease. And so it continued. Within a couple of years it became clear that an unknown disease was attacking the gay community. Soon they began calling it “The Gay Cancer”! We thought […]

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/ June 15, 2018

Californians, State Papers Voice Their Support for the End of Life Option Act

Since a California court granted a motion on May 15 to invalidate the End of Life Option Act and subsequently suspended the law on May 24, numerous state newspapers have published columns, editorials and op-eds in support of the law and opposing this unjustified ruling. These opinion pieces reflect the fact that polling shows more […]

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/ June 13, 2018

Pride 2018: “I keep returning to my first loves: hospice and palliative care”

In 1988, I began volunteering with a community-based organization providing care to AIDS patients. I am not even sure to this day why I chose that path, but I wanted to make a direct difference in the lives of people at their most vulnerable. This was a grassroots organization with no government funding; just a […]

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/ June 7, 2018

Pride 2018: Coast-to-Coast Activist Reflects on his Journey

I came out as gay in 1966. I was 12. My adoptive family would put me out regularly for this. I marched in the New York City Gay Pride March from 1971 until I left the city in 1998. AIDS descended on NYC in 1979. It was chilling, stomach turning and produced a nuclear level […]

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/ June 1, 2018

Pride 2018: Long-Time Activist’s Reflection on LGBT and End-of-Life Movements

I came out as an advocate for end-of-life choice at the same time I did for gay rights. In the ‘80s, it seemed like everyone I knew was dying of AIDS. As the sole survivor of my eleven family of friends in New York, I couldn’t believe that my government refused to respond to the […]

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/ May 18, 2018

New Jersey’s Push Intensifies for the Aid in Dying for the Terminally Ill Act

Compassion & Choices New Jersey and our dedicated team of volunteers are on the ground working hard to ensure that the Aid in Dying for the Terminally Ill Act passes in 2018. The bill was introduced in January 2018, and just a month later dozens of supporters presented over 500 petitions in support of the […]

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/ May 15, 2018

URGENT — Court nullifies California law

Just this morning, a Riverside County Superior Court judge granted a motion by opponents of the California End of Life Option Act to invalidate the law on a procedural technicality. Unless the state successfully appeals the ruling in the next five days, eligible California residents will be prevented from utilizing medical aid in dying to […]

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