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/ September 14, 2017

Advocates Slam House for Passing Spending Bill with Rider to Repeal D.C. Medical Aid-in-Dying Law

(Washington, D.C. – Sept. 14, 2017) Supporters of D.C.’s Death with Dignity Act criticized the U.S. House of Representatives today for passing the 2018 D.C. Appropriations bill with a rider to repeal the District’s medical-aid-in-dying law. Similar to laws in six states, the D.C. Death with Dignity Act gives mentally capable, terminally ill adults with […]

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/ September 7, 2017

NY Court’s Rejection of Medical Aid in Dying Case Puts Onus on NY Legislature to Enact Law

(Albany, NY – Aug. 7, 2017) The New York Court of Appeals’ rejection of a lawsuit asserting that terminally ill adults have a constitutional right to medical aid in dying puts the onus on the state legislature to enact a law to authorize this popular option to end unbearable suffering. “While we were supportive of […]

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/ August 30, 2017

LA Times: There’s an unforeseen benefit to California’s physician-assisted death law

This story originally appeared on www.latimes.com on Aug. 21, 2017 Some doctors in California felt uncomfortable last year when a new law began allowing terminally ill patients to request lethal medicines, saying their careers had been dedicated to saving lives, not ending them. Many healthcare systems designed protocols for screening people who say they’re interested […]

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/ August 25, 2017

Medical Aid in Dying Is Improving End-of-Life Care in California

A Los Angeles Times article this week highlights a fact that’s been echoed by medical aid-in-dying advocates for years — that medical aid in dying enhances care for every terminally ill adult where it is authorized — not just for the relatively few people who seek this option. A year after the California End of […]

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/ August 23, 2017

Groups File Motion to Strike Agreement that May Limit Doctor-Patient Conversations about End-of-Life Care

Compassion & Choices and Patient Choices Vermont today filed a motion to strike from the court record the state’s Consent Agreement with physician plaintiffs in a dismissed federal lawsuit seeking to limit information provided to patients under Vermont law. The case sought to weaken the physicians’ duty to inform patients about all of their end-of-life care […]

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/ August 15, 2017

Newspapers Across the Country Recognize the Importance of Protecting D.C.’s Death With Dignity Act From Federal Interference

In today’s unprecedentedly crowded news cycle, when breaking stories seem to arrive by the hour, medical aid in dying remains a hot topic newspapers want to cover. In the past few weeks since the House Appropriations Committee approved an amendment introduced by Congressman Andy Harris (R-MD) to repeal the District of Columbia’s medical aid-in-dying law, […]

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/ July 17, 2017

Terminally Ill Hawai`i Man Plans to Appeal Dismissal of Medical Aid-in-Dying Case Cites Overwhelming Support for End-of-Life Care Option by Hawai`i Voters

A terminally ill Hawai`i man plans to appeal a ruling last night by a state court judge who dismissed his lawsuit that asserts the state constitution and existing state statutes allow doctors to practice medical aid in dying. Medical aid in dying gives mentally capable, terminally ill adults the option to get a doctor’s prescription for medication […]

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/ July 13, 2017

Compassion & Choices Slams House Appropriations Committee Amendment to Repeal D.C. Medical Aid-in-Dying Law

Supporters of D.C.’s medical aid-in-dying law urged lawmakers in six states with such laws to oppose an amendment to the annual federal government funding bill that would block funding to implement the D.C. law and repeal it. The House Appropriations Committee voted late Thursday night to approve the amendment by Rep. Andy Harris (Md.) in a […]

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/ July 10, 2017

Congressional Threats to Block D.C. Medical Aid-in-Dying Law Could Lead to Nationwide Ban of Such Laws

Power Grab Would Violate D.C. Autonomy, Alienate Supporters of Medical Aid in Dying Supporters of D.C.’s medical aid-in-dying law warned that if Congress uses its appropriations power to block funding to implement the law, it could spur opponents to seek a nationwide ban of such laws. Medical aid-in-dying laws give mentally capable, terminally ill adults with […]

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/ June 27, 2017

California State Data on End of Life Option Act Confirms It is Working Well

(Sacramento, Calif. – June 27, 2017) The California Department of Public Health today released its first report detailing usage information during the first half-year of the End of Life Option Act’s implementation. The law gives mentally capable, terminally ill adults with six months or fewer to live the option to request a doctor’s prescription for […]

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