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Chicago Truth in Treatment Event Hits Capacity

The Illinois End-of-Life Options Coalition, comprised of Compassion & Choices, ACLU and Illinois Final Options, had every seat filled for a two-day event to explore facing illness and the end of life with confidence and control using Truth in Treatment as the means to take the reins when faced with a diagnosis.

The event, led by Chicago-based C&C volunteers Loretta Downs and Daryl Holtz Isenberg, emphasized advance care planning and the minutia that people face when filling out end-of-life documentation. Considerations spanned from when should people start end-of-life care planning (answer: now!) to the importance of recording exactly what kind of care you want at the end of life (with the crucial takeaway: do not take the risk of any vagueness on this).

The crowd was impressed by two Truth in Treatment tools that were introduced in the sessions, the Trust Card and Diagnosis Decoder. The Trust Card creates a path for candid conversation between patient and doctor. The Diagnosis Decoder helps people ask the right questions of their healthcare team in order to get the most out of doctor visits. As the presentation pointed out, patients get about 15 minutes with their physicians. Our Truth in Treatment tools work to maximize that short time.

Loretta and Daryl closed the event by demonstrating how to start end-of-life conversations with loved ones. Daryl is Loretta’s healthcare proxy, so they have actually had many end-of-life conversations outside of their presentation. The crowd left the event energized and more confident about their healthcare and end-of-life planning.