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Civil Beat Makes the Case For Medical Aid In Dying in Hawai‘i

Hawai‘i’s Civil Beat asserts that 20 years after the blue ribbon panel created by Gov. Ben Cayetano recommend authorizing medical aid in dying in the state, that it’s time for lawmakers to make it a reality.

Twenty years after the matter was first seriously raised in Hawai‘i, this is a conversation that feels ready to be brought to fruition. Legislators and candidates for the House and Senate should be prepared to move this matter forward come January.

Those in the remaining pockets of opposition, meanwhile, should consider perhaps the most relevant question left in this debate: Though medical aid in dying might not be an option they’d consider for themselves, shouldn’t it be available for those terminally ill patients, whose consultations with physicians, clergy and family make clear that it’s the best choice for them?

To read the editorial in it’s entirety, click here.