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Compassion & Choices values diversity and appreciates the benefits of having various perspectives and backgrounds among its supporters and staff. Communities of color often have the highest rates of illness, yet are least likely to discuss end-of-life preferences with loved ones or be aware of and take advantage of palliative care. The disparities that exist are the motivating factor for Compassion & Choices’ increased and targeted outreach to communities of color.

Compassion & Choices is committed to raising awareness by ensuring that all Americans are prepared for the inevitable end of life.


Communities of Color News

/ February 20, 2018

Latinos unen Sus Fuerzas Para Ayudar a Expandir el Acceso a la Ley Opciones al Final de la Vida” Para Residentes Moribundos de Colorado

Los latinos se unieron hoy para impulsar el apoyo a un mejor acceso a la ley Opciones al Final de la Vida, que autoriza a los enfermos terminales de Colorado a usar la ayuda médica para morir y terminar así, pacíficamente, con su sufrimiento insoportable. Una mayoría abrumadora de residentes de Colorado (65%) votó por […]

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/ February 20, 2018

Latinos Join Forces to Help Expand Access to the End-of-Life Options Act for Dying Coloradans

Latinos joined forces today to urge support for improved access to the Colorado End-of-Life Options Act that authorizes terminally ill Coloradans to utilize medical aid in dying to peacefully end unbearable suffering. An overwhelming majority of Coloradans (65%) voted for the End-of-Life Options Act in 2016, including a majority of Latinos. The law gives mentally […]

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