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Compassion and Choices group hosts program to raise awareness for “medical aid in dying.”

This story originally appeared on www.WPTA21.com. You can view the accompanying video on their site.

The group “Compassion and Choices” held a community education program Sunday in the hope of raising awareness for “medical aid in dying.”

Speakers at the event were sure to draw a line between this process and assisted suicide. They define medical aid in dying as only available for the terminally ill who have less than six months to live. In states where the process is legal, they say there are numerous safeguards to keep the choice from being abused.

Christie Soaper has suffered multiple strokes and has been to the hospital 262 times. She says her current treatment options are only pushing back the inevitable.

“And nobody has the right to tell me that I just have to keep suffering,” Soaper said. “Who has the right to tell any sick person that they have to die slowly and miserably? it’s not a suicide decision. 18 different medications, i could make a cocktail. That’s not what i’m wanting to do. I want to be at peace.”

After the defeat of the “End of Life Options Act” earlier this year in the House Compassion and Choices hopes to see a new version of the bill passed within the coming years.