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DC: Dishonest attacks from the opposition

We sent the following message to our D.C. supporters this week:


Today, we learned that an opposition group is working hard to stop our progress and block medical aid in dying in the District. The group released ads that distort the facts and spread lies about our campaign. They’ve sent their videos to the entire D.C. Council and have spent large sums to put their message on the radio.

Ignoring the facts about the Death with Dignity Act, the opposition is associating medical aid in dying with suicide.

These shameless lies aren’t new — they’re taken from the same playbook the opposition used in Oregon, Washington, Vermont, and California before each state authorized medical aid in dying. And despite an almost 20-year track record with no documented abuse in Oregon, these opponents continue to claim that the bill would put the vulnerable at risk.

We can’t let our opponents succeed in misinforming the government and the public. Click here to use our quick and easy online tool to ask Mayor Bowser to support medical aid in dying in Washington D.C.

If the Council passes the Death with Dignity Act, it will be presented to Mayor Bowser for her signature. If she decides to sign the bill, terminally ill Washingtonians would be able to access medical aid in dying. And if she announces her support publicly, it could also help us win the votes we’ll need on the Council.

Our opponents are afraid of how close we’ve come to authorizing medical aid in dying in the nation’s capital, and their ads are a last-ditch effort to turn the tide. They know that a victory in the District would raise the profile of this issue and embolden similar campaigns across the country. With your help, their efforts to sabotage our campaign will fail.

The opposition claims that medical aid in dying is about “death for profit” or “death for convenience”. The truth is that medical aid in dying is about peace of mind for terminally ill adults. The truth is that this bill has safeguards to protect patients. And the truth is that most Washingtonians believe in expanding end-of-life options.

Your support is crucial. Click the link below to tell Mayor Bowser that you want expanded end-of-life options for terminally ill Washingtonians:


With your help, we can win!

Talk to you soon,


Donna Smith
DC Legislative and Field Manager