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You’ve avoided it so far. You dread the paperwork but you can’t put it off any longer. The day has arrived: It’s time to talk about death.

The fourth annual National Healthcare Decisions Day (NHDD) is tomorrow, Saturday, April 16th. And planning for the end just got a little more fun.To mark NHDD, we’ve put together a tool to help lighten the conversation and initiate new ones: the Healthcare Decisions Game. The Game poses medical decision-making scenarios.It lets you compare your choices with how others guess you would answer.Your score will tell you how well – or not – your family, healthcare proxy or doctor knows what you would want if you could not speak for yourself. And who knows? You may find out the person designated to make decisions for you really isn’t the right person after all. Or if your doctor indicates she could not follow your wishes, maybe it’s time to find a doctor who could.

Think about the people you love. That’s what this is about. Will you act tomorrow to spare your loved ones the agony of guessing what you would want and fearing they might guess wrong? Someday they may have to tell a doctor what you would want as the end of life approaches. Make sure they know.

NHDD is a wonderful opportunity – and the Game a great tool – to encourage friends and loved ones of any age, in any state of health, to communicate what they would want.

Tomorrow, Saturday, April 16th, have a little fun talking about death. Look at it this way: it’s not taxes.