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Dishonesty in D.C.: Opposition Releases Defamatory Online Ads

Barbara Coombs Lee, Compassion & Choices President

Barbara Coombs Lee, Compassion & Choices President

We’ve been working with supporters in Washington, D.C., to pass a law authorizing expanded end-of-life options in the District. We are getting very close to a successful committee vote October 5 and a full council vote later this month. We were excited to let you know about those successes, but something urgent came up:

Our opposition, “No DC Suicide,” has released absurd, defamatory online ads.

Instead of sharing actual facts, they are misrepresenting the goals and provisions of the bill — their very name inaccurately brands medical aid in dying as suicide. They unscrupulously claim that medical aid in dying is about “death for profit, death for convenience,” without mentioning the peace of mind this option gives to terminally ill people. And despite an almost 20-year track record with no documented abuse in Oregon, these opponents continue to incorrectly claim that the bill would put the vulnerable at risk.

Our president Barbara Coombs Lee has spent the last 20 years working towards better care and more end-of-life choice across this nation. How we approach this issue and pass new laws evolves from year to year and campaign to campaign. We listen to people in the states where medical aid in dying is authorized, to our volunteers and to our supporters to ensure that we are representing you and this community accurately.

But our opposition continues to spread the same lies and misinformation that they tried in Oregon and every other state that we’ve worked in. They willfully disregard the wishes of the 7 in 10 American people who support this option. This tactic has failed in the past; it failed almost exactly a year ago in California; and with your help, it will fail again in D.C.

A win in the seat of our nation’s government would be an incredible opportunity for this movement. It would put us at the forefront of the national conversation, reinforce the momentum around the country and most importantly allow the people of D.C. to access expanded end-of-life options.

We’re going to push back with our own ad and make sure it is seen across the District. You can help continue the work of expanding end-of-life choice in the District and around the country with a donation today: compassionandchoices.org/donate

Thank you for your continued support.