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Urge Mayor Bowser to support the Death with Dignity Act

As you know, we are closer than ever to authorizing medical aid in dying in the nation’s capital.

The D.C. Council voted to approve the Death with Dignity Act, which will now go to Mayor Bowser for her signature.

Mayor Bowser has yet to express her opinion on the legislation, so we’ll need supporters like you to show her that Washingtonians want the option of medical aid in dying.

If Mayor Bowser decides to sign the bill, terminally ill Washingtonians would be able to access medical aid in dying.

Use our quick and easy tool to the right to send a message to Mayor Bowser.

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Mayor Bowser, please support the Death with Dignity Act
I want you to know that I am among the many DC residents who support medical aid-in-dying legislation. I'm writing to ask you to support the Death with Dignity Act of 2015.

I believe that terminally ill, mentally competent adults in the nation's capital should have the right to determine their own end-of-life options.

There are now five states where the right to choose your own, peaceful death is affirmed either by legislation, popular ballot or a judicial ruling. This legislation is modeled after legislation in Oregon and other states where aid in dying has a proven track record of success, and no history of abuse or coercion, despite opponents claims to the contrary.
Last year, medical aid in dying was endorsed by The Washington Post. We have support from many of our state's diverse communities, including doctors, religious leaders, social workers, and terminally ill patients.

Please join us in supporting this critical legislation.