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Doctors for Diginity: AMA to study medical aid in dying

The following email was sent to members of our Doctors for Dignity program. Click here to join Doctors for Dignity:

Big news: this week, the American Medical Association House of Delegates supported a resolution to “study aid in dying as end-of-life option.”

After 30 years of opposition to “euthanasia and assisted suicide,” the AMA’s Council on Judicial and Ethical Affairs will respond to the request to consider (1) data collected from the states that currently authorize aid in dying and (2) input from physicians who have provided medical aid in dying to qualified patients. A report with recommendations regarding a possible neutral stance on aid in dying will be presented to the 2017 House of Delegates.

If you belong to the AMA, send a quick thank you note to your state or specialty society delegate. Find your delegate by clicking here.

If you don’t belong to the AMA, read about membership benefits here. This may be a great time to join.

A neutral position from the AMA would remove the number one barrier to passing aid-in-dying legislation, and would allow state medical societies to take their own positions on the practice.

I’ll be sure to keep all Doctors for Dignity updated about the AMA’s actions and the status of the resolution.

Talk to you soon,


Rebecca Thoman, M.D.
Campaign Manager, Doctors for Dignity