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Dr. Oz Today: Do You Have The Right To End Your Own Life? 3/15/2012

By Doreen Eugenio
March 15, 2012

Doctor Oz is showing a previously recorded episode today with Montel Williams and Dr. Keith Ablow squaring off in a debate about assisted suicide. Should you have the right to end your own life if you choose to? Many people struggle with living with pain, knowing they are dying from a disease like cancer, or suffer from things like Alzheimer’s that they know they will never recover from. Should they be able to decide to die with dignity and on their own terms? Montel Williams thinks so.

Dr. Keith Ablow thinks it is a much deeper issue that can be misused by the wrong people. People suffer from various stages of depression when they learn they are terminally ill. Ablow thinks this depression can over ride their normal sensibilities and they are not able to make a rational judgement. Oz reveals that 54% of people think physician assisted suicide is a valid and logical part of being a doctor. Today’s show will have lots of guests that have very personal reason’s to be for or against this form of death.

Montel and others would just like the option to take a lethal cocktail and fade off into the sunset if they decide living is too painful and they have no chance of recovery. Ablow believes that patients can just opt for refusing medical treatment. Oz discusses the toll of this decision on families. This whole discussion revolves around the meaning of the hippocratic oath taken by doctors. What does the term “do no harm” mean? Is it meant to be a doctor should do everything to prolong life, even if that life is severely handicapped?