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Tell Congress: Oppose H.J. Res 27/S.J. Res 4

Medical aid in dying is under attack in Congress and we need your help!

Sen. James Lankford and Rep. Brad Wenstrup introduced resolutions to overturn the medical aid-in-dying law you helped pass in Washington D.C. Despite the fact that neither of them represent the city, they want to impose their personal views on its entire population. All members of Congress will have the chance to vote on this legislation.

Every Compassion & Choices supporter in every state can help win this fight! If members of Congress hear their constituents urging them to vote against overturning the will of D.C. residents, they will listen.

Tell your Congressperson not to deny the peace of mind that this option brings to those who are terminally ill and enduring unbearable suffering. Use our quick and easy tool to tell your lawmaker to oppose H.J. Res 27/S.J. Res 4.

If you feel comfortable telling your personal story of how you came to support medical aid in dying, please include it in your letter. We can’t overstate the importance of personal testimony in changing lawmakers’ minds.

***Please note: The title and name of your representative will automatically be included in your letter’s greeting when you complete the form. 

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Oppose H.J.Res 27/S.J. Res 4
Dear [Decision Maker],

I am your constituent, and I’m writing to urge you to vote against H.J. Res 27/S.J. Res 4, the resolution to overturn Washington, D.C.’s, medical aid-in-dying law.
The American public consistently supports medical aid in dying by large majorities. A recent Lifeway Research survey showed that two thirds of Americans (67%) agree that: “When a person is facing a painful terminal disease, it is morally acceptable to ask for a physician’s aid in taking his or her own life.”

D.C. residents have spoken — they want the right to make their own end-of-life choices in accordance with their own values. They have made it clear they want the option of a peaceful death, and their elected officials heard them: The bill passed the D.C. Council in an 11-2 vote.

There are now six states where the right to choose a peaceful death is affirmed either by legislation, popular ballot or a judicial ruling. Please vote against this bill, and allow D.C. to become the seventh jurisdiction to authorize the practice.