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/ March 27, 2017

Medicare’s Advance Care Planning Exceeds Expectations

Medicare has been focusing more on patient-centered care. Last year, this program which provides healthcare for some 55 million Americans took a positive step in the patient-centered direction: it created a new benefit that let people talk with their doctors about planning for the end of life. The response from the public has been strong. […]

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/ December 19, 2016

Health on The Hill: LGBT Elected Officials = Aid-in-Dying Bills

Collaboration with the LGBT community is critical to the overall success of end-of-life advocacy throughout the country. If not for the LGBT Caucus in California, there would not be an aid-in-dying law there now. All seven members of the California LGBT Caucus voted for the bill. Three Caucus members were co-sponsors including, at the time, […]

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