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Across the country there are numerous organizations that share our commitment to patient-centered end-of-life care. We are members of these organizations who share in those ideals.

National Quality Forum (NQF)

The National Quality Forum is a nonprofit, nonpartisan, membership-based organization that works to catalyze improvements in healthcare. It convenes working groups to foster quality improvement in both public- and private-sectors; endorses consensus standards for performance measurement; ensures that consistent, high-quality performance information is publicly available; and seeks real-time feedback to ensure measures are meaningful and accurate.There are more than 430 forum members, including the  Kaiser Permanente, UCLA Health System and the Visiting Nurses Association of America.

National Alliance for Caregiving

The National Alliance for Caregiving is a non-profit coalition of national organizations focused on family caregiving. The Alliance is dedicated to improving the quality of life for families and their care recipients through research, innovation, and advocacy. The Alliance conducts research, does policy analysis, develops national best-practice programs, and works to increase public awareness of family caregiving issues. Compassion & Choices has been a leader of Alliance membership calls.

The National Consumer Voice for Quality Long-Term Care

The National Consumer Voice for Quality Long-Term Care was formed in 1975 because of public concern about substandard care in nursing homes. The Consumer Voice is now the leading national voice representing consumers in issues related to long-term care, helping to ensure that consumers are empowered to advocate for themselves. It is a primary source of information and tools for consumers, families, caregivers, advocates and ombudsmen to help ensure quality care for the individual. Compassion & Choices collaborates with the Consumer Voice to engage direct-care workers on developing practices for consumer-centered end-of-life care. Compassion & Choices has been a guest speaker and featured panelist on their supporter network teleconferences.

Roundtable on Quality Care for People with Serious Illness

The Roundtable on Quality Care for People with Serious Illness was launched in mid-2016 by the National Academies. The Roundtable seeks to foster a continued conversation about research and policy issues that surround care for people with serious illness. The five priority issues of the Roundtable are 1) delivery of person-centered, family-oriented care; 2) communication and advance care planning; 3) professional education and development; 4) policies and payment systems; and 5) public education and engagement. Members of the roundtable include health care professional organizations, patient advocates, researchers, healthcare providers and insurers, foundations, federal agencies, and more.  Compassion & Choices is a key member of their leadership forum where we interact with leaders in government, healthcare systems, academia, practice of medicine and nonprofit arenas.