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Great Falls Tribune: Montana Cancer Patient Steve Johnson argues for the right to die with dignity

In yesterday’s Great Falls Tribune, cancer patient Steve Johnson argues for his right to legal aid in dying:

I’ve accepted my death as approaching and unavoidable, and my family and I have had a long time to deal with our grief. I approach the end of my life with a clear mind.

I was heartened when the Montana Supreme Court decided I have a choice on how I am allowed to die.

Unfortunately, not everyone agrees this will be my decision to make. Opponents in our Legislature have already announced they will try to pass a law to take away my end-of-life choice, and yours.

We should reject those efforts.

Government should stay out of the medical decisions between a doctor and a mentally competent, terminally ill adult.

Steve’s plea for a peaceful and dignified death on his own terms is now echoing across the state. The right of an individual to decide is very popular in Montana.

As Steve notes, opponents in the Montana Legislature have already made it known that they’ll introduce legislation to take this right away.

Please join Steve and hundreds of other Montanans who are working retain this right. You can also join us on Facebook to get the latest news and events information.