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Group Aims To Bring An End-Of-Life Option To Indiana

This story originally appeared on www.44news.wevv.com.

Medically assisted dying is the process in which a mentally capable person who has 6 months or less to live consults with a couple of doctors to get prescribed a medication cocktail that will end their life. This is now legal in six states, and has been in Oregon for 20 years. The Indiana chapter of Compassion and Choices, a national not-for-profit charity that focuses on end of life care, is now pushing for legislation in the Hoosier State.

They say that a bill was introduces last year about the end of life option but it did not make it past committee in either the house or the senate.

Compassion and Choices says that the cocktail is three different medicines. Two are to help with nausea and the third is a heavy barbiturate with they say kills the person within an hour or 2, painlessly,

The group says medically assisted dying is a choice, and is not for everyone. Only legal in 6 states, there is some feedback to the program. Folks call it either euthanasia or just a form of suicide.