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Health on The Hill: LGBT Elected Officials = Aid-in-Dying Bills

By Mark Dann, Federal Affairs Director, and Brandi Alexander, National Constituency Manager, Compassion & Choices
Mark Dann, C&C Federal Affairs Director

Mark Dann, C&C Federal Affairs Director

Collaboration with the LGBT community is critical to the overall success of end-of-life advocacy throughout the country. If not for the LGBT Caucus in California, there would not be an aid-in-dying law there now. All seven members of the California LGBT Caucus voted for the bill. Three Caucus members were co-sponsors including, at the time, Speaker of the Assembly Toni Atkins and primary sponsor Assemblywoman Susan Eggman.

So many key legislators are members of the LGBT community whether in California, New Jersey or Maryland. The more LGBT legislators there are in a chamber, the better the chances of an aid-in-dying bill becoming law

That’s why we support and attended the Victory Fund’s LGBT International Leaders Conference. The Victory Fund helps to train and steward members of the LGBT community who want to run for public office. At the conference we were able to connect with numerous legislators about aid-in-dying bills in their states and future legislators looking to support and position themselves on our issues. We look forward to closer collaboration between our two organizations. If you are thinking about running, check out some of their trainings. They are a critical element in helping you effect change.