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Health on the Hill: Visiting Nurse Associations of America — Partners in Improving End-of-Life Care

By Mark Dann, Federal Affairs Director, and Kim Taccini, National Director of Social Marketing

At the end of life, we need to know that there are people we can always count on to be brave and comforting, even when things get difficult. We are grateful for all of our healthcare providers who live this standard every day, especially the members of the Visiting Nurse Associations of America (VNAA). The members of the VNAA are often the hospice nurses who talk people through their treatment options, are on call 24/7 and help patients implement their care plans.

We were honored to be part of the their Public Policy Leadership Conference, where they discussed their federal agenda for 2016 and the important role that members of the VNAA play in end-of-life care.

Compassion & Choices and the VNAA share a commitment to ensuring people’s values and informed choices are at the core of end-of-life care. Access to quality patient-centered care — a central tenet of the VNAA’s work — is vital to achieving our mission of  improved care at the end of life.

Both Compassion & Choices and the VNAA support many of the same bills that would empower patients throughout our healthcare system, such as:

We look forward to working with an organization that helps put the patient in the driver’s seat of their own care decisions.