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Five Facts About Death with Dignity in Montana

Fact 1: Some groups won’t stop until they take away our right to death with dignity. The “Physician Imprisonment Act of 2015” would allow the government to come between one of the most sacred relationships – the one between doctor and patient.

Fact 2: The Montana Supreme Court’s Baxter ruling made clear that death with dignity is authorized in Montana, with no criminal sanctions for doctors willing to provide this compassionate option to their suffering, dying patients. The patient must be a terminally ill, mentally competent adult and must self-administer the medication.

Fact 3: Many Montanans have achieved a peaceful death using aid in dying. In 2013 Dr. Eric Kress became the first Montana physician to speak publicly about providing this medical option.

Fact 4: Montana has a proud history of libertarian values and freedom from government interference in our private lives. Public opinion polls in Montana confirm that most believe the role of government should be limited, especially in regard to private medical decisions. 66% of Independents, 59% of Republicans and 83% of Democrats support keeping aid in dying available in Montana.*

Fact 5: Oregon has a 17-year record showing that death with dignity is sound policy and good medical practice. The Oregon Death With Dignity Act has been rigorously observed and documented by scientists, journalists and public health officials. Fears raised by opponents have never materialized.

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*The survey of 605 likely voters in Montana was conducted by Global Strategy Group between April 3 and April 4, 2013. The margin of error at the 95% confidence level is +/- 4.0%. Global Strategy Group is a nationally recognized public affairs, communications, and research firm with offices in New York, Washington, DC, Hartford, and Los Angeles.

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