Aid in Dying: 6 Words Project

Supporters of legislation authorizing medical aid-in-dying shared in six words why it is important that this compassionate option is available to all Connecticut residents.

A complete playlist of videos from supporters:

Three out of four Connecticut voters support medical aid in dying, according to a 2021 GQR poll. And they are showing strong support for advancing legislation in Connecticut. 

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Jill Hammerberg live via zoom

Jill Hammerberg  


"Our remaining time together as a family could have been immeasurably better and we would not be carrying the heavy burden of sadness in our hearts because of the unnecessary prolonged suffering of our beloved."

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Jim Naughton live via zoom

Jim Naughton  


"One of the most appreciated aspects of this law, we’re told from people who are dying, is the peace of mind it gives them. Even if they don’t exercise it--just knowing it’s there, knowing that if they need it, if the suffering becomes too much to bear, it will be available to them--releases them from spending their final weeks and months, in fear. I wish my wife, Pam, had had this chance."

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Kim Hoffman Live on Zoom

Kim Hoffman  

Stage IV ovarian cancer survivor

"I do not want sympathy—don’t ‘feel sorry’ for me. Rather, feel compassion. Imagine how you would ‘feel’ in my situation and how long you could tolerate the suffering and daily loss of capacity before you’d just want to relax and die peacefully."

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Mike Tucker Testimonial

Mike Tucker  

Actor and friend of Star Trek actor René Auberjonois, who utilized California’s medical aid in dying law

"I live in Easton with my wife...I have no idea how or when I’m going to die. But if Connecticut passes this medical aid-in-dying bill, then my life will be better now."

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