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Large Majorities of Minnesotans Support Medical Aid-in-Dying According to State Fair Polls

Three-to-One Support in Both Senate and House Polls Sends Strong Message to Lawmakers

Most Minnesotans agree terminally ill adults should have the option of medical aid in dying, according to two State Fair polls conducted by the state Senate and state House of Representatives. In the Senate poll, 68% percent of respondents said they support medical aid in dying; the the House poll, support is 67%. In both polls, only small minorities (22%) opposed this end-of-life option.

The polling results are significant because the Compassionate Care Act (SF 1880/HF 2095) was introduced in 2015 and will be introduced again in 2017.

“This polling is a clear signal for state lawmakers that their constituents want the option of medical aid in dying so that terminally ill adults with no hope for a cure can choose to shorten the dying process should their suffering become unbearable,” said Janet Conn of Edina, a long time Compassion & Choices supporter and advocate.

Minnesota Senate’s poll asked fair goers their opinion on this end-of-life care issue:

“When a mentally competent adult is dying from an incurable and irreversible medical condition that is expected to end the individual’s life within six months, do you think this individual should be allowed to obtain from a physician a prescription for medication that may be self-administered to end that person’s life?”

Minnesota Senate State Fair Poll 

68.22% Yes

22.62% No

9.16%    Undecided/no opinion

House of Representatives’ poll used the following language:

“When a mentally capable adult is dying from a terminal illness, do you think this adult should be allowed to receive a prescription for life-ending medication they may self-administer?”

Minnesota House of Representatives State Fair Poll

66.8%    Yes

22.8%    No

10.5%    Undecided/no opinion