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Tell your lawmakers: Support aid in dying in Massachusetts

As you may know, the Compassionate Aid in Dying Act, which authorizes medical aid in dying in Massachusetts, is still under review by the Joint Public Health Committee of the state legislature.

While the bill is being reviewed on Beacon Hill, we need your help to remind lawmakers that we stand with the 70% of MA voters and the millions of voters throughout the nation that support expanding choices at the end of life.

Help us keep the Compassionate Aid in Dying Act alive by communicating with your lawmakers. Lawmakers all across the state want to know where you stand. Join our citizen lobbying campaign, by signing the petition that urges legislative support for this important human right.

Supportive petitions and letters from voters played a huge role in last year’s passage of California’s End of Life Option Act. Let your voice be heard so that Massachusetts can be next. Use our tool to send a message to your lawmakers.

Please feel free to include a personal story in your message — it’s impossible to overstate the resonance of personal testimony when appealing to lawmakers.

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I support medical aid in dying
Dear [Decision Maker],

I stand with the 70% of Massachusetts voters that support death with dignity!

Death-with-dignity legislation gives terminally ill, mentally competent adults with less than six months to live access to the full range of choices at the end of life, including medical aid in dying. It offers hope and peace of mind to thousands every year who are confronting the possibility of a prolonged, painful death.

There are now five states where the right to choose your own, peaceful ending is now authorized. Aid-in-dying legislation in Massachusetts is modeled after legislation in Oregon and other states where it has a proven track record of success.
A February 2014 independent, nonpartisan poll found 70% of Massachusetts voters support aid in dying, also known as death with dignity, legislation for the Commonwealth. As your constituent, I support death with dignity and I am asking you to support it too.