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Medical Aid in Dying Act Passes Hawai‘i Senate

SB1129 now faces crossover to House

(HONOLULU March 7, 2017)—In a full floor vote, the Hawai‘i Senate today voted 22 to 3 to approve  Senate Bill 1129, the Medical Aid in Dying Act, and refer it to the House of Representatives for further consideration.

Medical aid in dying is an end-of-life medical practice in which a terminally ill, mentally capable individual who has a prognosis of six months or less to live requests, obtains and—if his or her suffering becomes unbearable—self-administers medication that brings about a peaceful death.

Compassion & Choices Hawai‘i Campaign Manager Mary Steiner applauded members of the Senate, stating: “The  leadership these Senators have shown  in passing the Medical Aid in Dying Act brings our residents one step closer to having another option if they become terminally ill. Not since 2002 have we seen a medical aid in dying bill progress this far in the Legislature. We’re optimistic that House members will be responsive to the calls they are receiving from their constituents and be willing to engage on this important issue.” 

Steiner added, “Should this bill become law, terminally ill kama‘aina will be able to access the full range of care options in making end-of-life decisions that most align with their values for a peaceful death.”