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Recently, the Compassionate Care Act was heard by the Senate Health Committee and withdrawn before a vote was taken. Despite the moving testimony from physicians, clergy, families, and Brittany Maynard’s husband Dan Diaz, bill sponsor Sen. Chris Eaton withdrew the bill because it did not have the majority support of the committee.

Though we’ve hit a barrier in the legislative process, the bill we support came within a single vote of passing the committee. That’s a tremendous success considering the Minnesota Senate had never previously considered the Compassionate Care Act. We are prepared to build on our success next year, and we need your help to grow our ranks and increase the number of North Star State supporters.

Sign our petition to call for medical aid in dying, and then forward this page to your friends!


We support the right of mentally capable, terminally-ill adults to ask for and receive medication to self-administer if and when their end-of-life suffering becomes unbearable.