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Montana Court Affirms Right To Die

At the Chicago Tribune’s health care blog, writer Judith Graham has a great post on the Baxter v. Montana case:

Robert Baxter was sleeping Friday when his lawyer called to report that a Montana court had ruled on his right-to-die lawsuit.

He never woke again.

The 75 year old Billings man succumbed to leukemia without learning that the court had affirmed his right to end his life with doctors’ aid, according to Montana’s News Station.

Baxter’s lawsuit argued that physicians should be able to write prescriptions for mentally competent, terminally ill patients who can’t endure their illnesses any longer, according to a statement issued today by Compassion & Choices, a party in the suit.

In a ruling late Friday, Judge Dorothy McCarter wrote that “the Montana constitutional rights of individual privacy and human dignity” afford such patients the right to “die with dignity,” acccording to the Associated Press.

Read the rest of Graham’s post here.

Over at Left In The West, a progressive local blog in Montana, writer Jay Stevens also has a very good post on the case, which you can read here.