An AANHPI Month Reflection: Building Floats and Community in Hawai‘i

In April, Compassion & Choices was honored to participate in the Merrie Monarch festival in Hilo, Hawai‘i. This weeklong celebration brings people from all around the world to celebrate the art of hula. The festival honors King David Kalākaua, and his patronage of the arts and love for Hawaiian culture.

There are multiple hula competitions, at the event and the festival includes exhibitions, demonstrations, craft fairs and other cultural events. Compassion & Choices took part in the Saturday Merrie Monarch parade with a float, shared with the Grassroots Community Development Group and the Hawai‘i Keiki Museum. Compassion & Choices staff and supporters participated in drumming on the float and walked alongside it, handing out materials to festival-goers.

Our involvement in the festival was another opportunity to celebrate the arts in Hawai‘i, an important place for reflection about life and death, and build on our mission to bring end-of-life resources and education to communities nationwide.