Black Legacy Planning With Compassion & Choices

We continue developing new ways to reach people with our tools and resources using a multifaceted approach.

Recently, Compassion & Choices launched a comprehensive marketing campaign to reach African American communities with our message of end-of-life planning and options. We are aware of the devastating impact of health disparities at the end-of-life in many communities and we’re determined to address them. That’s why we’re focusing efforts on reaching a wider audience with our tools and resources. 

We are running a digital ad campaign in primarily Black platforms across the country, from the Washington (D.C) Informer to the Los Angeles Sentinel. The message is simple: “Planning Equals Peace.” Compassion & Choices National Director of Constituency Brandi Alexander says, “When we are informed and plan for  end-of-life care, we are empowered to make decisions about treatment options. Our loved ones can help us advocate for the care we may want or not want. Having these discussions is the most loving thing we can do.”

Compassion & Choices also launched a twitter account focused on Black legacy planning. The goal of this effort is to amplify the voices of Compassion & Choices storytellers, council members and other friends, in the hopes of sharing the importance of end-of-life care planning in more culturally competent ways. One such voice from our African American Leadership Council  is that of Ricardo Thomas, who said “My goal is to help Black people  put their financial affairs in order and develop an end-of-life plan so their death can truly be a celebration of life.” Follow us at @Blacklegacypla1.

In our efforts to expand our reach, we sent a letter to thousands of diverse households encouraging them to order Compassion & Choices End of Life Decisions Guide and Toolkit to start charting their end-of-life journey. We were overwhelmed with the positive responses received from this mailing, and plan to continue this and other forms of outreach in the future.