COVID-19 Adds to Urgency of Our Mission

Note From the CEO

Compassion & Choices CEO Kim CallinanWhile I had anticipated the stay-at-home orders would slow down the pace of our lives, that has not been the case for the Compassion & Choices team. The fast pace of the COVID-19 pandemic, constant rush of news and information, and increased prominence of our mission has resulted in a need for us to move at breakneck speed.  

Our urgency to respond came out of a desire to help our supporters — and the American public at large — take back the sense of control that we have lost over our end-of-life care.  

I truly believe the old adage, “knowledge is power.” Our new COVID-19 Toolkit and Staying Stronger Together webinar series, launched during National Healthcare Decisions Day, will arm you with the information you need so you can direct the finale of your life.   

Beyond their use for you — our supporters, donors, volunteers and allies — these tools open doors to introduce Compassion & Choices to those outside our network. The pandemic has put the issue of death and dying at the forefront of our society. Americans are being forced to grapple with their own mortality whether they want to or not. And they too need clear, no-holds-barred information to gain agency and power over their end-of-life care.  

So, in addition to using the tools yourself, we urge you to share them with your friends, family, neighbors and even your adversaries. There has been no greater time than now to create a movement of empowered and active healthcare consumers. Together, we can create a world where Americans can get the end-of-life care they want: nothing more, nothing less.   

I wish you all health and safety, and thank you for your generous support, particularly during this difficult time.

Warm regards,

Kim Callnan

P.S. If you want to stay up to the minute on the release of new Compassion & Choices resources or end-of-life information in general, follow me on Twitter at @KimCallinan.