Minnesotans Agree: Access To A Peaceful Death Should Not Depend On Where You Live

In three recent Letters To The Editor, Minnesota voters concur that “Access to a peaceful death shouldn’t depend on where you live.”

Minnesota is currently considering legislation that would authorize medical aid in dying for mentally capable adults with terminal illnesses and a prognosis of six months or fewer to live. This legislation is modeled after the long-standing Oregon Death with Dignity Act. The Minnesota End-of-Life Option Act was introduced in February. 

Read the letters in support of this legislation below:

Vicky Fall, St. Cloud Times, February 25: Death with Dignity

Darlene Park, St. Louis Park Sun Sailor, March 1: End-of-Life Option Act Introduced

Earl Bower, Sun This Week, February 11: A peaceful death should be available in Minnesota

We encourage supporters of the Minnesota End-of-Life Option Act to contact Minnesota lawmakers and urge them to support the legislation as well.