Public News Service: Higher Latino COVID Death Rates Spur Interest in End-of-Life Options

Hispanic groups are coming together to encourage people to have end-of-life conversations with their loved ones before illness or tragedy strikes.

The Hispanic Heritage Foundation and the National Hispanic Council on Aging are teaming up with the nonprofit Compassion & Choices to get people talking about end-of-life planning, hospice, life support, medical power of attorney, and medical aid-in-dying.

Dr. Yanira Cruz is president and CEO of the National Hispanic Council on Aging.

"The reality is that Latinos oftentimes do not take care of advanced directives for example," said Cruz, "so they get to a point where decisions have to be made and there are no directives written or signed by them. "

According to the census, Hispanics make up almost 30% of Nevadans, which is about 918,000 people. And Hispanics make up 13% of people age 55 and older in the state.

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