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Newspaper endorses one-year-old Vermont death-with-dignity law, cites other DWD laws

By Sean Crowley


Yesterday, The [West Lebanon] Valley News, a New Hampshire newspaper with half of its subscribers living in neighboring Vermont, tacitly endorsed Vermont’s one-year-old death-with-dignity law.

The endorsement also is significant because death-with-dignity legislation also has been introduced in New Hampshire. 

The editorial quoted Compassion & Choices Vermont State Director Linda Waite Simpson, who also serves on the Vemront House Judiciary Committee and recently wrote an oped published by the Rutland Herald about the successful implementation of the Vermont death-with-dignity law:

“‘What’s happening here mirrors what happened in Oregon,’ state Rep. Linda Waite-Simpson, D-Essex, told The Associated Press. ‘It’s not unexpected that we did not have a huge flood of people.’”

The editorial concluded:

“ … for those who wish to exercise end-of-life choices and exert some control over the manner of death when facing a terminal condition, these laws offer peace of mind …

“The aid-in-dying movement appears to be taking hold, in fact, precisely because more and more people see physician-assisted death as an individual choice, even a right …

“We have a hunch … that some of the deep-rooted ambivalence about physician-assisted death will abate as more states gain experience with carefully crafted laws like those in Oregon, Washington and Vermont.”

You can read the full editorial by clicking here.