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doc2doc_2x2 Answering Physicians’ End-of-Life Questions

As a doctor, your relationship with each patient is critical to determining the course of care he or she truly wants. Doc2Doc helps physicians provide up-to-date care to patients who seek answers about available end-of-life options.

Your informed communication about the full range of end-of-life options should be part of a larger conversation surrounding each patient’s healthcare goals. It is necessary for weighing the benefits and burdens of various treatment options, and aligning them with the desired patient-centered outcomes. Ideally, these conversations should begin soon after a diagnosis of terminal illness and continue throughout the progression of that illness.

A resource tailored to practicing physicians, Doc2Doc offers you readily available, free, confidential telephone consultation with one of our seasoned medical directors, each with years of experience in end-of-life medical care.

Your Consultation may include answers about:

Resources for doctors:

California Forms

Colorado Request for Medical Aid-in-Dying Medication

Oregon Forms

Vermont Forms

Video Resources:

An Introduction to Medical Aid in Dying as Clinical Practice

The Medical Aid in Dying Process and Liability Protections

State Specific Laws and Procedures


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