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doc2doc_2x2 Answering Physicians’ End-of-Life Questions

A resource tailored to practicing physicians, Doc2Doc offers you readily available, free, confidential telephone consultation with one of our seasoned medical directors, each with years of experience in end-of-life medical care.

As a doctor, having an open relationship with each patient is critical to ensuring they receive the care they truly want. Doc2Doc helps physicians provide unbiased information and better care to patients who ask about available end-of-life options.

It can be surprisingly difficult to discuss a patient’s terminal illness and inevitable death, and it’s hard to know when to explore those issues and what specifics to cover. Physician communication about end-of-life options can be part of ongoing conversations regarding each patient’s goals of care. The knowledge shared helps patients weigh the benefits and burdens of various treatment options, and align their decisions with what is most important to them. Ideally, these conversations should begin soon after an illness enters an advanced or terminal phase, and continue throughout progression of that illness.

Your consultation may include discussion of:

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