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Gifts of Stock

Your gift of stock will strengthen Compassion & Choices’ efforts to improve care and expand choice at the end of life.

If your stock is held with a brokerage firm or bank trust department, you can transfer the securities directly from the firm or bank to Compassion & Choices’ account at Wells Fargo Bank.


Instruct the holding institution to make a direct transfer, or “DTC,” with the following instructions:

Please deliver/transfer ____________shares of __________________ (name and symbol) from my account with ____________________________________(name of firm or bank), account number __________________________, to:

DTC 2027

Wells Fargo Account at Agent #94866.

For further credit to: Compassion & Choices Account #71488600.


When stocks arrive in our account, we get no information about the donor — so please don’t forget to tell us you have made this generous gift! Contact Jane Sanders at 800.247.7421 or [email protected] and tell her how many shares and name of the stock, so we can send your gift receipt. Unless you tell us, we won’t know who sent the gift.

It’s a bit more involved to transfer mutual funds, but we can help. Contact Jane Sanders at 800.247.7421 or [email protected], and she will be glad to assist you.