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Gifts of Stock

Your gift of stock will strengthen Compassion & Choices’ efforts to improve care and expand choice at the end of life.

If your stock is held with a brokerage firm or bank trust department, you can transfer the securities directly from the firm or bank to Compassion & Choices’ account at Wells Fargo Bank.


Instruct the holding institution to make a direct transfer, or “DTC,” with the following instructions:

Please deliver/transfer ____________shares of __________________ (name and symbol) from my account with ____________________________________(name of firm or bank), account number __________________________, to:

DTC 2027

Wells Fargo Account at Agent #94866.

For further credit to: Compassion & Choices Account #71488600.


When stocks arrive in our account, we get no information about the donor — so please don’t forget to tell us you have made this generous gift! Contact Jane Sanders at 800.247.7421 or Jsanders@compassionandchoices.org and tell her how many shares and name of the stock, so we can send your gift receipt. Unless you tell us, we won’t know who sent the gift.

It’s a bit more involved to transfer mutual funds, but we can help. Contact Jane Sanders at 800.247.7421 or Jsanders@compassionandchoices.org, and she will be glad to assist you.