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Welcome to The Compassion & Choices National Speakers Bureau. We represent more than 20 dynamic advocates and experts whose personal stories and professional experience resonate with all audiences. Compassion & Choices speakers are available to explore a broad range of topics related to end-of-life options to audiences across the country.

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Why a Compassion & Choices National Speakers Bureau?

Interest in end-of-life issues is at an all-time high. The passage of California’s End of Life Option Act, the new federal Medicare reimbursement policy for end-of-life care discussions between doctors and patients, and the introduction of dozens of new medical aid-in-dying bills around the country have supercharged the conversation around end-of-life topics. The Compassion & Choices National Speakers Bureau responds to a growing demand for greater education and exploration of these topics by placing high-profile thought leaders and expert medical speakers at a range of notable events and venues nationwide.

Focus Topics

Because the interests of audiences can vary widely, and because there are so many important issues and questions to cover, Compassion & Choices National Speakers Bureau has the following Focus Topics for your consideration. If you are interested in a particular topic, you can request a speaker who is an expert in that area, or you can request that your speaker include one or more of these topics in their presentation.

Click on each topic for more information and a list of speakers that cover the topic:

End-of-Life Healthcare and Medical Aid in Dying

Oregon’s Experience with Medical Aid in Dying

Libertarianism and Medical Aid in Dying

Federal Policy Landscape Around End-of-Life Care and Choice

Unwanted Medical Treatment

Hospice and Palliative Care

Religious and Moral Views on the End of Life

Legal Aspects of Aid in Dying

End-of-Life Choice and the LGBT Community

Aid in Dying and People with Disabilities

Navigating End-of-Life Care

Upcoming Events

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