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Urge the committee to pass the Compassionate Care Act

The Rhode Island House Health, Education, and Welfare Committee has held a hearing on the Lila Sapinsley Compassionate Care Act, a bill that would allow terminally ill people to access medical aid in dying. We need supporters like you to  send letters to the lawmakers and urge them to support this legislation.

The committee members listened respectfully to our testimony and arguments in support of the bill, but it was clear that we have work to do to educate them on the need for expanded end-of-life options. That’s where you can help right now!

Direct contact with legislators played a huge role in last year’s passage of California’s End of Life Option Act. Make your voice heard and Rhode Island could be next. Feel free to include a personal story in your message. It’s impossible to overstate the resonance of personal testimony when appealing to lawmakers.

Your support is crucial. Please take a few moments to tell lawmakers the time to pass this bill is now. It’s quick and easy with our online tool.

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Please support the Lila Sapinsley Compassionate Care Act
Dear [Decision Maker],

I write to express my support for the Lila Sapinsley Compassionate Care Act.

I believe that terminally ill, mentally competent adults in Rhode Island should have the right to request and receive from their physician a prescription for life-ending medication if their suffering has become unbearable.

This vital legislation gives terminally ill adults the freedom to end unbearable suffering and untreatable pain by requesting a prescription medication they can take to achieve a peaceful death.
There are now five states where the right to choose your own, peaceful death is affirmed either by legislation or popular ballot. This legislation is modeled after legislation in Oregon and other states where aid in dying has a proven track record of success, and no history of abuse or coercion, despite opponents claims to the contrary.

Thank you for engaging in this important conversation. I look forward to speaking with you more as the legislation moves forward.