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Senate committee advances Hawai‘i Medical Aid in Dying Act

At today’s hearing, the State Senate Judiciary and Labor Committee voted unanimously to pass medical aid-in-dying legislation (SB 1129) out of committee!

Supporters were on hand once again at the state capitol to urge lawmakers to pass the Hawai‘i Medical Aid in Dying Act, introduced by Senators Karl Rhoads, Lorraine Inouye, Michelle Kidani and Russell Ruderman. SB 1129 now faces a full Senate floor vote. If successful, the bill will cross over to the House.

Call or email your Senator and let them know how important the option of medical aid in dying is to you. Just enter your street name and ZIP code on the linked form, and it will provide you with your Senator’s contact information.

The people of Hawai‘i have been striving to gain access to a medical aid-in-dying option for more than 20 years, and Compassion & Choices Hawai‘i has built a larger-than-ever base of grassroots support. A recent poll shows 80 percent of Hawai‘i voters want a medical aid-in-dying law. And the issue has been gaining a groundswell of support among medical and interfaith groups, including from the Hawai‘i Medical Association, which dropped its long-standing opposition to medical aid in dying and recently adopted a neutral stance.

SB 1129 must gain a full Senate vote before moving to the House to continue its progress. So please take a moment today to contact your Senator and let them know that you, like 80% of Hawai‘i residents polled, support medical aid in dying and are determined to see it become law this year.

Click the link below to contact your Senator today!


Mahalo nui loa to everyone who provided testimony, especially those who are living with advanced illness and fighting for the right to utilize this option. We are proud of our diverse coalition of individuals, doctors and organizations that came out strongly in favor of Senate bill 1129, just like the people of Hawai‘i, who overwhelmingly support the option of aid in dying.