Our Annual Signature Event is the perfect opportunity to broaden our audience. Last year, with the support of volunteers and staff, Compassion & Choices welcomed 289 new supporters to our movement! This year, we're setting an ambitious goal to welcome 500+ new supporters, and we need your help. 

Become an Outreach Ambassador 

When registering for the Signature Event, select the checkbox that reads "Become an Outreach Ambassador." Once you submit your registration, someone will contact you shortly to get started.

Your role is a vital one: invite curious people from your network(s) to learn more about the work of Compassion & Choices and the many Heroes of the Movement. We hope that the evening will inspire people to support our mission and vision when they learn more about what we do.

Questions? Please contact AJ Hetzler at [email protected] or 406.552.2916 for more information.

Other Ways to Get Involved